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Chilly Billy Unisex Long Sleeve Sweater

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Provide both style and warmth when you bundle your little one in this bright, one-of-a-kind acrylic wool sweater, hand stitched by women artisans in Peru and Ecuador. Vibrant animal and landscape felt patterns add a delightful charm, while ultra-comfortable and stretchy fabric offers a cozy fit that won’t inhibit playtime. Additionally, a percentage of each sweater sold will go directly towards supporting both a child’s education and the woman artisan who made it.

With this sweater, you’ll not only love how adorable your little one looks, but also the feeling of knowing you made a difference in the lives of children and women entrepreneurs. 

  • Wholly unique designs, no two sweaters are alike. NOTE: The base color is the color you see in the drop down menu, the other color is any Gender Neutral Color (Brown, Grey, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Turquoise, White, Black, etc)
  • Warm, breathable fabric with a zipper detail makes this sweater perfect for virtually any season
  • Hand stitched from comfortable and soft acrylic wool by women artisans in Peru and Ecuador.

A percentage of this purchase supports children's education in South America