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Our Inspiration
I'm Adriana Diamond, wife and mother of two kids, on a mission to help educate as many children as possible.

Having been born and raised in Ecuador, an underdeveloped country, I have been able to witness how the lack of education in children limits their opportunities to accomplish their dreams and goals in life.

Later in my life, becoming a mother gave me an entirely different and more alarming perspective of this reality of the country in which I was born. I couldn't imagine the fact that my children didn't have access to good education, and this made me put myself in the shoes of many mothers who go through this sad situation.

This reflection gave me the courage to create Chilly Billy Kids, a children's clothing brand that in each part of its production process contributes to change this reality.

I firmly believe that a child's well-being is highly influenced by the well-being of their parents, and that’s why I also care about empowering women and mothers during the process, so that we are able to close the circle and make a greater impact.

Founded in the chilly fall of 2017, I had the vision for Chilly Billy while on vacation with my husband to the Galapagos Islands, in my home country of Ecuador. While on the Islands, we fell in love with the Blue Footed Booby - an incredibly beautiful bird native to the Galapagos Islands, known for its remarkably blue feet.

Our Logo encorporates both our dedication my home country of Ecuador, and the nostalgia for our inspiring vacation where our company was found.

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