Your purchase supports their education

How we Help

At Chilly Billy 10% of every purchase goes towards sponsoring childrens education in Ecuador. For every $22 we contribute, we are able to sponsor a full months tuition for a child in need. Sponsorship includes books, tuition, uniform, and materials.

Together with your help, we are helping to provide some of the highest quality education to a child to give them the power to fulfill their dreams.

Our Non Profit Organization

Chilly Billy works hand in hand with La Fundacion Nuevo Mundo - A non profit organization. Nuevo Mundo provides access to extremely high quality k-12 education to children with limited financial resources. 100% of all tuition for these students is paid for by donations, like your purchases from Chilly Billy Kids.

Why Ecuador?

The access to quality education in Ecuador is highly dependent a family’s ability to pay. Secondary education varies from seriously overcrowded public institutions to private institutions emphasizing bilingualism in English. With the public school system having very low budget and resources, the quality and effectiveness of education suffers. This unfortunate situation results in a country where access to quality education is highly dependent on a family's economic situation.

Ecuador is a country of great ethnic diversity and great contrasts of wealth and poverty - It is not so much the availability, but the access to education that is problematic. This is why Chilly Billy Kids focuses on improving a students access to education. By Partnering with the Nuevo Mundo Foundation, Chilly Billy Kids is able to provide access to a premier school system for a child who would otherwise not have the resources to attend.